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Description: Adds new nodes for data handling to Dynamo.


  • Dropdown
    • Description: Takes a simple list (no nested lists) and displays them as a dropdown. Currently Crashes on input change (Build 0.2.0).
    • Inputs: material, name, length, width, height.
    • Output: A string describing the six surfaces generated by genbox.
  • ParallelCoordinates
    • Description: Displays a list of given parameters as ParallelCoordinates. Computes per run, i.e. every run a new list is added. Can be reset via the RESET button.
    • Inputs: The list of the parameter names (list), List of values (List, needs to have the same length as the parameter names.
    • Output: the current input.
  • Watch2D
    • Description: Takes a simple list of doubles (no nested lists) and prints them as a plot or a histogram. The color can be changed via a settings dialog.
    • Input: A simple list of doubles.
    • Outputs: The selected Item and the selected Index.